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Best time to travel to Israel

July 2, 2017


Weather is always a very important thing to think about when planning your trip to Israel. And every  person has their own personal preference of what they like best! So I will try to lay it out and help you figure out the best time of year that you would like to travel to Israel. 


Even though Israel is a very small country, there is a wide range of daily temperatures depending on where you are in Israel. You can go skiing on Mount Hermon in March, then drive south to the desert and float in the Dead Sea. Tel Aviv is usually more humid. Jerusalem gets cool enough to wear a jacket in the summer. And Tiberias is very hot compared to the Golan Heights. So its god to bring clothes that you can layer and peel. 


The Coldest Time of Year in Israel

So in Israel winter time is usually from November to March. And when I say winter, I mean rainy season. January and February are usually the coldest and rainiest months of the year. Average temp is about 7 - 18 C/ 43 - 65 F. We even have snow on top of the highest mountain in Israel - Mount Hermon. You can actually go skiing there in the winter time. And since Jerusalem is also up on a hill, there is usually a light snow fall once a year on the Holy City. 


So should one travel to Israel during this time? Yes! Because during this time of year you can find many deals with hotels and flights. Many tours come in February taking advantage of the cheaper prices. 


The Hottest Time of Year in Israel

From May to September it is rare to see a drop of rain. And the summer months of July and August take the cake on the hottest time of year. But thankfully Israel has some incredible beaches to cool off in. Nothing better than a hot summer day on one of Israel's beautiful beaches drinking some freshly squeezed lemonade! But I must warn you, it is pretty hot. And if you are not used to a lot of sunshine you will need to lather yourself up in some sunscreen lotion and not be too far from some shade or an air conditioner. 


The Summer is a great time of year to visit Israel. However like most places it is pretty expensive to fly and the hotels also raise their prices. If you love the heat then this is the best time of year for you to travel to Israel. 


Spring Season in Israel

From March to June, the weather becomes increasingly warmer and the beaches become more and more full. I personally love this time of year because it is so green, especially up in the Galilee and the Golan, and it is full of flowers blooming and blossoming! The costs of hotels and flights raise with some of the holidays, but it is such a nice time of year to be Israel. It is definitely worth it. 


Fall Season in Israel

From mid September to beginning of November is a great time to be in Israel because of the holidays. Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot is an especially exciting time to be here. It is still usually hot, and swimming in the beaches is still pretty popular. However, because of the holidays it is also an expensive time to be in Israel. Though sometimes at the beginning of September when all the children go back to school you can find some good deals at hotels. 


Hope this post was helpful! Let me know what your favorite season in Israel is in the comment section below :) 


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