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5 Benefits of Joining a Tour to Israel

July 5, 2017

To travel to Israel solo or with an organized tour? There are pros and cons to both arrangements, but let me share with you the benefits of joining an organizing tour to Israel:


1. Stress Free

Let's face it, in todays world most of us are pretty busy. And last thing you need is to spend all your spare time researching and planning an amazing experience in Israel. There are hotels that need to be booked, transportation to be arranged, an itinerary to figure out and piece together in an efficient consecutive order, hiring a tour guide, and so much more! Its almost like planning a wedding! There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in arranging a tour to Israel. Why not find a reputable and experienced tour company to do the work for you so that you can just enjoy yourself to the fullest without the stress of logistics and finances. The most you will need to do is find the best tour that best suits you and the itinerary hits all places you want to go.  


2. Meet new friends

When you join a tour you don't necessarily know everyone that is coming. And this is a good thing! I've seen tour groups become like family after spending 7 - 8 days together on a tour to Israel. Each person adds a special component to the trip. And who knows what can happen; some people have met a future spouse or some have found a new best friend while on tour. It is fun to be with a group of people who have the same dream as you: to travel Israel! 


3. Get the most out of your trip

When you arrive in a new country there is so many unknowns, especially when you see signs in a different language! Being part of a tour to Israel eliminates those unknowns and instead of not knowing where you are going, you can feel confident that you are being guided by someone trustworthy who knows where to go and how things are done in this country. You will not find yourself wasting time on your trip being lost or figuring out how to get from point A to point B. Every moment will be spent enjoying your experience! And if you have a question that suddenly pops in your mind, you will have a knowledgable tour guide to answer any of your queries! 


4. Experience

When we arrange a tour to Israel, we do our best to find the best guide that would suit the group, hotels that fit the budget, tailor the itinerary to the interests of the group, etc. With our knowledge we know the distance between sites, how much time one should spend at a site in order to fit all the stops in one day and which are the most interesting sites to see in Israel! Our goal is to offer you an incredible experience in Israel. Also we have all sorts of connections with different organizations and personalities that we can connect the tour group with to further enhance the experience beyond just seeing the sites. 


5. Cost effective 

Two words. Group rates! Traveling with a tour group can reduce the costs of a trip by far! You can get group rates with hotels, share the costs of the bus and tour guide, group rates on airfare, and group rates at the different sites in Israel. In general a tour package usually includes accommodations, transportation, tour guide, site fees and two meals daily. 


To sum things up, by joining a tour to Israel, it can really enhance your experience! And we highly recommend joining a tour for your first trip to Israel. And when I say first trip... it means you will probably come again. You will know what I mean after your first trip ;) 

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