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Sample Itineraries 

Christian Tours

This is a dream come true. It is exciting. Not boring. Hello, Bible coming alive as you also get to enjoy some great hummus! 

Jewish Tours

Israel is your inheritance. God said so, so come on over and discover your home away from home. 

Family Tours

Best place ever to bring your kids! Learn about the Bible while having an enormously wonderful time creating incredible memories together! 

Adventure Tours

The adventures await you my friend! Come and discover Israel off the beaten track.


Let me guess? "You're not the tourist type." Fine then, why not come and make a difference by lending a helping hand. 

Bring a Group to Israel

  • Build and tailor an itinerary for you and your group

  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

  • Experience riding a camel and sleeping in a bedouin tent in the desert 

  • Join a traditional shabbat dinner

  • Include in your itinerary visits to local congregations, wineries, schools, army bases, humanitarian aid projects, etc...

  • Special excursion to Judea and Samaria

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Connect and bless holocaust survivors

  • Participate in worship and prayer at houses of prayer in Israel

  • Arrange transportation and driver throughout the tour - finding a vehicle that fits your group best

  • Professional tour guide

  • Accommodations that suit your group the best
  • Organize guest speakers or musicians to share with the group in the evenings

  • Set up a private meeting room in the hotel for your group to connect together in

  • Coordinate tour extensions to Petra, Jordan or places in Greece

  • Create a registration and itinerary form that you can use to promote your tour

  • Provide a personalized tour packet for the tour leader

  • Develop rooming lists, including assigning room mates

  • Handle tour payments

  • Include flight arrangements to Israel from your gate city if desired

Our service to you can include:

There is so much to see and experience in Israel! From Biblical ancient history to a modern hi-tech society! You can visit the places where your favorite Bible story took place. Discover Israel's unique sites such as the Dead Sea, where you can float in the salty water. Taste some delicious middle eastern food! Majority of all of the fruits and vegetables are grown in Israel so they taste so fresh and delicious! The options are endless. There are fun things to learn, discover and experience for everyone! 

If you have a group that you want you want to bring to Israel, then get in touch with us to help customize an itinerary that fits you and your group. Also if you are a family, couple or small group of friends we can arrange a special private tour for you. Below are some sample itineraries.